Case Studies

Rapidly Build and Release Groundbreaking IoT Applications

Beyond the hype, beyond the buzzwords, there is a business reality.

Everyone wants to build business applications faster, better, and more cost effectively. Decisyon has been at forefront of Internet of Things application development and Decisyon 360 is the fastest way to build sophisticated applications that integrate business, industrial and machine data. We combine enterprise, cloud and industrial application functionality into one unified user experience, empowering users to execute all functionality and processes in one application environment.

Asset Optimization

Are you maximizing the productivity of your assets by utilizing the power of IoT?

Supplier Performance Management

Do you have global visibility into the status and performance of suppliers?

Retail Store Performance Management

Are your retail operations streamlined and agile?

Warehouse Operations Management

How effective are you at moving the right materials to the right place on time?

Healthcare Resources Utilization

Does your data power collaboration and compliance?

Lean Manufacturing Process Flows

Are problems with your manufacturing production processes keeping you from filling customer orders?

Manufacturing Operations Management

Do you have a 360⁰ view of your overall plant systems and workflows?

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Do you have visibility across your entire pharmaceutical manufacturing and production processes?

You select Decisyon. We do the rest.

Only Decisyon 360 provides the complete solution to connect your business applications, employees, and data—all without the need for extensive coding.

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